It is no longer news that Epe holds within Itself The Future of Lagos in terms of investment.

Have you driven past Epe area of Lagos lately?

– Have you noticed the beehive of commercial activities along that axis? Have you noticed that many residential estates are springing up in that area?

– Have you ever wondered what’s responsible for the frenzied expansion of these estates along the length and breadth of that area called The New Lagos?

– Have you also noticed that right now all over Ibeju Lekki, the sales of building materials is a booming business ?


Why is every nook and cranny of Epe flooded with the sale of new Estates?

It is because Epe is the future of Lagos. And that is why it has been dubbed The New smart City. Epe is also being projected to be THE DUBAI OF AFRICA.

In 1991, Dubai Was Seen As A Wasteland, A Land Of No Economic Value, But 20 Years Later it has Became A Land With The Highest Return On property Investment due to the influx of industrial development.

The Epe Town of tomorrow will see the influx of various big time Investor’s from around the World , small wonder why it has been tipped to become the next great investment haven just like Dubai.

In 2014, the price of land per sqm in Epe was N481. Today 7 years later , in 2021 the price has increased drastically to well over N2652 per sqm.


Epe is fast becoming a hub for different activities. Few weeks ago, the governor of Lagos State Babajide Sanwo-Olu commissioned a 100 bed Mother and Child Hospital in Epe and with current expansion of the 6 lane roads in the first phase of the construction from Eleko Junction to Epe Junction, land prices will soar higher. This is the right time to invest as the demand is getting higher and prices soaring high.

This is your opportunity to key into any of Epe Offers while prices are still affordable for you.

Some of Our Currently Selling Properties in Epe:

DUKIA Africa, Epe

Haven City, Phase 2, Epe

The Ascent Trilogy , Ketu Epe

The Capstone Scheme 2, Odorangushi, Epe

The Goldmine Courts, Phase 2, Epe

Citi Gardens Estate, Epe

Ridgewood Gardens, Epe

The Garnet, Epe

Blue Pride Estate, Epe

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