2020 came with the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic.

Globally, Investors in various sectors lost billions of Dollars. Travel was one of the badly affected sectors, as leading airlines companies filed for bankruptcy. Amidst all these, the Nigerian real estate sector stood firm and kept appreciating.

The purpose of this is not far fetched. One, housing is a basic necessity, and there is already over 20 million housing deficit in the country. The sector was solving a problem.

Two, the pandemic came with the tag line “stay at home”, and home needed to be convenient. Hence, the increased investment in housing.

Looking at these immense opportunities to make money from the real estate sector, Landvest was created to allow investors to make high returns on investment within a limited timeframe.

There’s no more worrying about liquidating your real assets with Landvest. Invest as little as NGN 1,000,000 per unit and get as much as 25% returns on investment annually. You can buy as many units as possible to get higher returns on investment.

So tell us, do you have any questions? Or you would like to know more about the Landvest property investment scheme? We’re just a call away…!

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